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Dear Maximilien,

On Jan 17, 2008 4:17 PM, Jason Fesler <jfesler at gigo.com> wrote:
> (...)
> Oh well, off my soap box.  Implement what you want.  I just hope any
> README or whatever includes some paranoia.


I'm not strictly against this feature but then again I wouldn't upload
my key to *any* provider.

Think about the general risk. I am not saying that someone will spy on
you and steal your key but what if they get hacked etc.. There are
multiple scenarios that come to mind. I guess it's fine to have this
feature when you are in total control of your environment and don't
mind the risk.

Anyway, having said that - and since no one else said, "OH I AM
WORKING ON THIS", go knock yourself out. ;-)

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