[RCD] using roundcube design for own webmail..

Michael Baierl mail at mbaierl.com
Sat Jan 19 09:22:04 CET 2008

Jan Kachlik - NewMail wrote:
> i have one small question. I like GUI a style of Roundcube webmail.
> Can i use some GUI and style for own webmail programmed in python ?
> My product is commercial software for our customers..

Hi Jan,
you are only allowed to use parts of the Roundcube Mail System in case 
you are also going to publish it under the GPL. Open Source does not 
mean you can take the work of others and sell it...

Please read and understand the GPL; a lot of companies (especially 
companies producing routers based on Linux) did not, lost at court and 
had to publish their source code....

Best regards,
Michael Baierl
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