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Fri Jan 25 22:57:13 CET 2008

chris# wrote:
> Bottom line. Given that /administrators/ will be largely responsible for how
> RC works, and given that PHP readily handles all the other compressors.
> Doesn't it make more sense to go with what already comes with their PHP/
> server base. Then let /them/ decide what packer/unpacker is best suited
> for their userbsase?

I seem to have the wrong friends / family :) Mine don't install anything 
and they click on something and want it to open... They even don't know 
the difference between Windows and Word ("I write my texts with 
Windows."). So I don't expect them to know what the difference between 
ZIP, RAR and GZ is nor to decide what to choose.

On the other side I have quite some experience with SW development and 
trust me, keep it simple and don't add features that you can't get rid 
off in future... clean, easy code is also very important.

Again another 2 cents.


Michael Baierl
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