[RCD] "Copy To..." Patch

Zachary Kotlarek president at cynicbytrade.com
Thu May 8 02:57:54 CEST 2008

I've written a patch to add a "Copy To..." function to the message  
view, as suggested in ticket #1484086. I just slapped got another  
<SELECT> control in next to the existing "Move To..." control -- I'd  
be happy to hear other suggestions for interface layout.

A patch against 0.1.1 is available at:

I've also got 90% of the support needed for drag-and-drop copy-- it  
works if I replace the default moveto action with my new copyto action  
-- but I couldn't figure out how to check for modifier keys to do  
something like "Copy when ctrl is down, move otherwise". If anyone  
could point me in the right direction for checking the state of  
modifier keys at the end (or beginning) of a drag event I'd appreciate  


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