[RCD] Spell check in WYSIWYG HTML editor (TinyMCE)

James E. Blair jeblair at berkeley.edu
Mon May 12 20:27:51 CEST 2008


Where is RoundCube headed as far as spell check in the HTML editor is

There are two tickets in trac that seem to be somewhat at cross

  Suggests having TinyMCE's spell check button obey the spell check URI
  from RC's config file.  Also, Thomas suggests that the RC spell check
  button might be able to invoke TinyMCE's spell check.

  Reduced the number of buttons available in TinyMCE, including
  removing the spell check button.  It was suggested that Firefox and
  Safari both do spell checking so it wasn't needed.

Unfortunately, IE does not do spell checking like Firefox and Safari,
so without TinyMCE's spell checking, those users don't have a way to
spell check their HTML messages.

Since Firefox and Safari's built in spell checking applies equally to
the plain text editor and the HTML editor, it seems to me that if
spell checking is worth having in one, it's worth having in the other.

But during the upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.6 in r1308 in SVN, a number of
files used by TinyMCE's spell check are now gone.  If RoundCube is to
use TinyMCE's spell check, we would have to start by making sure the
spell check plugin is present in SVN.


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