[RCD] License problem with index.php

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Sun May 11 18:09:22 CEST 2008

OoO Lors  de la soirée  naissante du dimanche  11 mai 2008,  vers 17:11,
Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at gmail.com> disait:

>> Wonder how that got mixed up. Maybe wait for Thomas and ask if there
>> is a special reason?

> There is no special reason. I copied the text from somewhere and I wasn't 
> aware that it is "the BSD license". I took this text because it says 
> exactly what I wanted to say and there was no specific license mentioned in it.

> What tells you that this text is BSD license and not just a disclaimer for 
> no warranty?

> However, if you don't like it or if anybody thinks that this few lines 
> violate any license stuff, feel free to change it.

Hi Thomas!

This is a BSD license because  apart from the no guarantee stuff (in all
caps), there is the three  conditions of distribution. You might want to
remove  from "Redistribution and  use in  source..." to  "priori written

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