[RCD] searching with SORT

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Nov 12 13:23:40 CET 2008

I've made some investigation on messages searching. It was slow and 
memory expensive. I've found that we can use SORT on servers with that 
capability (r2046). Also searching with many criterias can be done in 
one command (r2044). So, in numbers my changes looks as follow:

Searching in forder with 8200 messages, pagesize = 100.

1. Search for "aa" string in subject and from headers, returns 1 message:
Now -     Time: 0.8 sec., Mem: 7.2 MB
Before -  Time: 0.8 sec., Mem: 8.2 MB
2. Search for "aa" string in body, returns 2060 messages:
Now -     Time: 2.1 sec., Mem: 8.6 MB
Before -  Time: 5.5 sec., Mem: 21 MB
3. Search for "a" string in subject and from headers, returns 6090 
Now -     Time: 1.1 sec.,  Mem: 11 MB
Before -  Time: 11.8 sec., Mem: 46 MB

So, it looks cool, but I'm not sure that all IMAP servers are supporting 
searching with SORT, so please do some tests.

p.s. For IMAP servers without SORT capability we need still some work to 
do. See my comment (search for "TODO") in r2046.

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