[RCD] searching with SORT

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Nov 12 19:34:26 CET 2008

till wrote:

> Pretty impressive change. I take it SORT is advertised in the
> capabilities, right? 

Yes. Currenty we're using SORT command for messages list sorting and now 
for searching results also.

> Do you have a list of imapd's who support this
> command?

I have no such list. SORT is described in RFC 5256. I'm using Dovecot, 
but I'm still not sure that every server with SORT capability implements 
  its searching features. If not we'll need a config option.

> That's something we should add to the wiki - not a list of servers we
> work with, but a recommendation thing since many people setup from
> scratch and/or have no issues dropping one for another anyway. ;-)
> RE: code, I'd like to sanitize $_SESSION, maybe use get_input_value()
> (we need another constant for $_SESSION). I couldn't figure out where
> you initialize them, is that in another diff (didn't see it in r2044
> or r2046)?

I don't understand what you mean about $_SESSION here. See 

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