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James E. Blair jeblair at berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 17 18:57:23 CET 2008

Eric Stadtherr <estadtherr at gmail.com> writes:

> Along those same lines, I had to make a similar change lately to allow some
> recent messages to be displayed. In my case, the offending element was a
> "<broadcast>" element that contained the entire HTML part of the MIME
> message. I had to add 'broadcast' to the 'html_elements' array (in
> program/steps/mail/func.inc::rcmail_print_body()).
> I'm unfamiliar with a "broadcast" element, so I'm not surprised that
> washtml didn't like it. However, it seems we're running into cases where
> washtml might be too restrictive for our display purposes. Rather than
> continuing to add these special cases to our code, can anyone think of a
> more generic solution to allow these kinds of unusual but benign elements
> to pass through the washing process?

We had a similar problem here with the "align" element.  Obviously a
simple mix-up when writing HTML, but since most of the important
content of the message was wrapped in that element, it drastically
altered the meaning of the message.  Other HMTL sanitizers passed it
through.  In the long run, I'm not sure we can count on receiving
well-formed and valid XHTML.

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