[RCD] [REQ]: Force new user to create identity (instead of RC creating one)

Dennis P. Nikolaenko dennis at nikolaenko.ru
Tue Sep 30 20:53:55 CEST 2008

C P wrote:
> I had posted this on the RoundCube forums as well, but someone pointed 
> out to me this (the mailing list) would be a better place for 
> requesting new features.
> If this isn't the proper place to request new features, please let me 
> know (and accept my apologies).
> I'm guessing that in most cases, RC is creating the wrong default 
> identity for new users since it either uses 
> $rcmail_config['default_host'] or virtusertable. In both cases the 
> chances this actually creates a usable identity are slim. For several 
> reasons.
> So my request is to force a user to create a new identity the first 
> time he logs in, or at least have him confirm the identity created by RC.
> The way it is now not only utterly confuses a lot of users, but poses 
> a serious security risk as well because if a user doesn't change his 
> identity, it exposes information you really don't want exposed 
> (especially when a mail domain is a virtual domain with virtual users. 
> RC will actually expose the real server name and a real username -and 
> this is a serious security risk).
> Thanks in advance.
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Dennis P. Nikolaenko

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