[RCD] issues with plugin vcard_attachments

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Wed Aug 5 16:04:09 CEST 2009


the plugin vcard_attachments refers to a png graphic that doesn't exist
anymore. the function html_output($p) contains the following code:

// add box below messsage body
$p['content'] .= html::p(array('style' => "margin:1em; padding:0.5em; border:1px solid #999; width: auto;"),
      'href' => "#",
      'onclick' => "return plugin_vcard_save_contact('".JQ($this->vcard_part)."')",
      'title' => "Save contact in local address book"),  // TODO: localize this title
    html::img(array('src' => '/images/buttons/add_contact_act.png', 'align' => "middle")))
    . ' ' . html::span(null, Q($display)));

the graphic '/images/buttons/add_contact_act.png' seems to have existed
earlier in roundcube as it has been used for the addressbook as well.
but now the addressbook uses other graphics and the png file in question
apparently has been removed from the svn trunk.

it seems like single graphics for every operation in the addressbook
toolbar have been replaced by one graphic with all icons and some css
magic. i'm not sure whether it's possible to use the same
abook_toolbar.png with help of css for the vcard_attachments plugin.

just thought that I should mention it here.


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