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Terminal Addict taroundcube at terminal-addiction.com
Tue Aug 11 22:21:03 CEST 2009

search.inc.patch is for program/steps/addressbook/search.inc

This patch is a workaround for what appears to be a PHP bug that 
prevents the setting of multi-dimension associative arrays in $_SESSION 
(more specifically, the value of $_SESSION['search'][$search_request]). 
The bug causes issues with multiple LDAP searches, and "Contact not 
found" error messages.

rcube_ldap.php.patch is for program/include/rcube_ldap.php

This patch allows the user to specify multiple base DN values for 
searching. It will not affect users that only have a 'base_dn' value 
specified. With this patch, the main.inc.php file can include

   'search_base_dn' => array()

in an LDAP configuration. This can be helpful for people dealing with a 
poorly implemented LDAP structure.

This patch also returns empty results for searches conducted with only 
the default filter (as is done when the LDAP address book is first 
selected). These essentially empty searches will return inconsistent 
results anyway.

Finally, this patch will check for both case-sensitive and all lowercase 
fieldmap values to ensure consistent results are displayed in search 
lists and contact details.

Both patches were made against 0.3 RC1.


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