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Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Thu Aug 20 14:41:08 CEST 2009


I'm just subscribed, so first thanks to all devs for all efforts on
making RC really great.

I noticed that threaded view support is planned for 0.4-beta1, so
I attach a reworked patch for a threaded mailbox view mode. It is not
fully perfect, but is a good (re)starting point for that anyway.

Changes comparing to roundcubemail-threading-20090706.patch from
1. Ported to 0.3-SVN-r2863
2. Implemented auto expand of threads with unread messages only.
3. Added GUI configuration option for autoexpand control (on, off, unread).
4. Autoexpansion works in both static and JS message lists.
5. Automatically change between 'unread children' and message icons in a
list (in parent message rows) when child message is marked read/unread.
6. Count messages, not threads in a message view pane.
7. Fixed navigation in a message view pane when threading is enabled.
8. Fixed setting folders with non-ASCII named to threaded mode.
9. Fixed incorrectly displayed rows (children of collapsed row) after
multi-level expand/collapse. Simplified expand logic.
10. Fixed expand indicator is not changing when expanding/collapsing
with keyboard.
11. Fixed plus key on a numeric keypad is not working (at least on linux
Fedora 11 + Firefox 3.5.2).
12. Added support for whole thread expand/collapse with
clicking/pressing hotkeys while holding the Control key.
13. Save expand state in env everywhere (after keypresses too).
14. Added russian translation.
15. Fixed indentation and braces style in JS to comply with RC coding style.

Known issues:
1. Messages from a threaded folder are sorted not in a thread-aware
order but rather in a natural order when browsing with GUI controls at
the bottom of a message view pane. This is probably a minor issue
because it is more convenient anyway to browse through threaded
discussions with a preview pane enabled. Maybe we need to explicitly
enable a preview pane for a threaded folders.
2. Last selected message is neither focused nor centered in a list when
returning to a list from a message view pane. I think it is minor issue too.

This patch (and original one too) is sometimes too intrusive, so it
needs to be checked at least twice just not to break things.

Thanks for your time,
comments are welcome.


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