[RCD] Show Preview Button

Jorge Valdes jvaldes at intercom.com.sv
Tue Dec 15 18:29:31 CET 2009

I have been using the latest version and have the following comments:

1.- There should be a toggle-preview button. Going back and forth to the
settings page to toggle the checkbox is just annoying.
2.- The selection boxes which are currently at the bottom of the message
window should probably be at the top in order to reduce the distance one
has to drag the mouse between selecting all and using one of the top
buttons to perform an action.

Browsing through the code, 
#1 can be as simple as adding a button to the "messagetoolbar", the nice
image I leave to the image gurus...
#2 can be done by placing the <div id="listcontrols"> inside the <div

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