[RCD] RC creates multiple Users for different Mailhosts

Dominic Lüchinger d.luechinger at snowgarden.ch
Wed Dec 16 12:38:20 CET 2009

Hello all of you

If you login to RC with the same email adress, but with an other 
Servername, RC creates a new user. That means, you'll lose your settings 
and your contact information and the other informations, that are 
related to a user (cache, pluginsettings). The database also stores some 
redundant datas. I'm wondering if there a reason, why the it makes sense 
to create multiple account for the same emailadresse. I don't see the 
If the name of the email server changes, your account settings are gone. 
At the moment there is no way to map this accounts. And the user don't 
understand the diffence if the entered mail.mydomain.com or mydomain.com 
and afterwards his contact are gone.

Dominic Lüchinger
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