[RCD] Survey about Roundcube deployments

Ziba Scott ziba at umich.edu
Fri Dec 18 18:01:35 CET 2009

Sorry for the long delay.  I kept telling myself I'd polish it up, test 
it on a the newest RC, write some docs.  But I didn't.  Rather than 
delay more, I'll just link you my plugins as is: undocumented, possibly 
not working with the latest RC.  Sorry.  I hope it's useful.  I'll keep 
it at this url for a month or so:


It's three plugins: one supplies hooks for the other two.

Someday I'd like to polish it up and host it officially with other 
plugins.  (Unless someone else wants to!)


Brandon Davidson wrote:
> Hi Zilba,
> We're working on rolling out Roundcube to our student body here at the
> UO. It's still in beta, and we're looking at ways to collect utilization
> statistics like the ones you provided below. Would it be difficult for
> you to share the plugin you developed to provide these?
> Just for the record, the product we're migrating away from is called
> Alphamail. It's open source, and had a SourceForge project page that has
> been taken down due to inactivity. It was written by a PhD student from
> our Computer Science department as his thesis project, and development
> ceased when he got his diploma. It's been stable enough, but the
> interface is somewhat clunky a the real focus of his work was on a
> multithreaded caching IMAP proxy midlayer that the web interface talked
> to via a proprietary protocol.
> Thanks,
> -Brad
>> -----Original Message-----
>> We've been offering Roundcube to everyone at the University of
> Michigan
>> for a bit over a year.
>> Number of users (max): 70,013
>>         This is the number of preference sets in the database.  We
> have
>> more IMAP accounts, but they have not yet chosen to visit our
> Roundcube
>> install.
>> Average of concurrent users: 500 to 2000
>>          The number is highly variable based on time of day and our
>> academic calendar.
>>          A snapshot from this morning shows:
>>             Active in the last hour: 2715
>>             Active in the last 5 minutes: 1879
>>             Active in the last minute: 1096
>>             (we've got a plugin which gives stats like these that
> we're
>> still preparing to share)
>> Some interesting, un-shared modifications have been:
>>     * All folder searching and a new search interface
>>     * A checkbox column
>>     * Horde Addressbook read/write
>>     * Non-scrolling column headers
>>     * A new skin (still working to make it 3.1 compatible)
>>     * Forwarding full headers
>>     * Forced client refresh on upgrade
>>     * CoSign authentication

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