[RCD] [RCU] recurring problem at the level of authentication and total absence of log

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Thu Dec 3 07:05:12 CET 2009

fakessh at fakessh.eu wrote:
> Le lundi 23 novembre 2009 20:26, fakessh at fakessh.eu a écrit :
>> Le lundi 23 novembre 2009 17:26, chasd a écrit :
>>> There should be some type of PHP error in the web server log, even if  
>>> RoundCube doesn't write a log file.
>> hi charles
>> hi all
>> hi list
>> Here is the information you request it from the vhosts that contains
>> roundcubemail, which is installed properly. like the fact my friend the
>> computer company
>> I received a lecture of computer that day. I thank, I learned a lot in
>> three hours
>> the log file of vhosts :

 From what I see, the main problem is 'msg "Request Missing an Accept 
This means that request from a client doesn't containt mandatory header.
I'd say that it is browser or intermediate proxy -related. But, this 

Quick hack to solve this issues could be apache option:
SecRuleRemoveById 960015
which have to be specified AFTER inclusion of mod_security rules.

Personally I use following line to make (most of) applications work 
SecRuleRemoveById 960902 960903 960013 960015 960017 950922

But, my RC installation is located on a different host which has 
mod_security enabled WITHOUT any rule removals. I didn't try 0.3.1 yet, 
but SVN version close to it works fine.

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