[RCD] whishlist: show smtp error description

Roland Liebl roland at roland-liebl.de
Sat Dec 12 06:50:38 CET 2009

I would prefer a hook in /program/mail/func.inc#L1395:

  if ($sent) {
    $RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('message_sent', array('headers' => $headers, 
'body' => $msg_body));

    // remove MDN headers after sending

    if ($CONFIG['smtp_log']) {
      write_log('sendmail', sprintf("User %s [%s]; Message for %s; %s",
        !empty($smtp_response) ? join('; ', $smtp_response) : ''));
    $RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('sending_failed', array('smtp_error' => 
$smtp_error, 'smtp_response' => $smtp_response));

If the hook was there, the requested feature could be done by a plugin very 


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Subject: [RCD] whishlist: show smtp error description

> hello all
> i want to ask to roundcube developers to consider add this feature: show
> smtp error description when the user send a mail and smtp server returns
> an error
> would be a good idea if the behavior of this feature can be defined by a
> configuration (main) variable .. the variable may be named:
> // Set if the SMTP Error Description should be displayed
> $rcmail_config['show_smtp_error_description'] = true|false;
> // Show the SMTP Error Description via 'alert()' function?
> $rcmail_config['show_smtp_error_description_alert'] = true|false;
> i ask this because i manage a smtp server that returns some errors to
> users due to some conditions but roundcube doesn't show the error
> description and i don't know how to modify the code in order to achieve
> this
> well, that's all
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