[RCD] Development Idea

Marvin Peck marvin at westlakekennels.com
Tue Feb 17 21:35:42 CET 2009


I have been using RoundCube Webmail for about 6 months and like the
simplicity and ease of use.  There is one thing missing, or at least I
can't find it, and that is the ability to set up a mailing list.  For
example, I would like to add about 1/2 of my Address Book into a group
named Men.  Then, when I wanted to email all the men in that group, I
simply select the group name "Men" and it will load all the addresses in

Another option is to have 3 columns of check boxes to the left of the names
in the address book.  Then I could scroll down and check the names to send
the group email too and they will all migrate into the email as Recipient,
CC or BCC.

Most email accounts have these types of options and since this is my work
email, it would help me to have these types of options available.  Have you
considered adding them to RoundCube?  Would it be possible to update
RoundCube to include these options?

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Marvin Peck 
Certified Canine Training 
and Behavior Specialist 
APDT and IACP Member

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