[RCD] Threaded message listing implementation

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Feb 25 18:50:40 CET 2009

Chris January wrote:

>> - thread listing mode should be set per-mailbox (Settings -> Folders)
> Done.

so, you can get rid of message_threading option

>> - not all servers support REFERENCES (need to check capabilities)
> Done.

think about support for other algorithms

>> - not all server support THREAD (need to check capabilities)
> Done.

It would be better to not use session in rcube_imap class 
e.g.$_SESSION['threading'] set this via some class variable.

>> - in my opinion we shouldn't display threads count instead of messages count
> Thread count is only used for the pagination. The 'unread' count is
> still messages and not threads, ditto the messages column in the
> Folder settings.

Still I'm not sure, imagine pagelimit=100 and a hundred threads with 10 
children each. Also I like to know the messages count.

 > I added Expand All and Collapse All buttons.

It would be nice to have a one "switch" button.

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