[RCD] theme with text buttons instead of images

Nathan Kinkade nath at nkinka.de
Sat Mar 7 02:43:27 CET 2009

I just started using RoundCube a number of days ago, and so far I quite
like it.  I'm in the process of ditching Gmail, which I like in many ways,
but I'm done with Google and putting all my eggs in one basket.  Anyway, I
much prefer the text buttons of Gmail to the image-buttons that are in the
default theme of RoundCube.  To that end I started a custom theme.  I'm
still new to the code, so it's possible I've committed some heinous errors
with respect to RoundCube code conventions and flow, but what I have seems
to work.  I post it here just in case anyone else might be interested.

Here's a screenshot:

The "Refresh" link is a blatant ripoff from Google Mail, but I kind of like
it.  The "Archive" button requires that you have a folder named "archives,"
but that is easy to change (see below).  I moved the message selection
links to the top, below the button bar, where I expect to find them.  I'm
also using the newly introduced threading patches by Chris January: 
http://www.atomice.com/blog/?p=33.  The threading is really nice and Chris
has done a great job, but there is still work to be done.

Here is a tar-gzipped archive of this theme:

Outside of unpacking that file and putting the directory in ./skins/, the
only other change necessary is the patch at the end of this mail.  If you
want to archive your mail to a folder other than "archives," edit line 96
of ./skins/npk/templates/mail.html.

Thanks for RoundCube.  I look forward to using it and contributing where I



diff --git a/roundcubemail/program/localization/en_US/labels.inc
index fbed1e9..29e2620 100644
--- a/roundcubemail/program/localization/en_US/labels.inc
+++ b/roundcubemail/program/localization/en_US/labels.inc
@@ -170,6 +170,15 @@ $labels['resetsearch']  = 'Reset search';
 $labels['openinextwin'] = 'Open in new window';
+// button bar labels for npk theme
+$labels['buttonbararchive'] = 'Archive';
+$labels['buttonbarcompose'] = 'Compose';
+$labels['buttonbarmark'] = 'Mark';
+$labels['buttonbarreply'] = 'Reply';
+$labels['buttonbarreplyall'] = 'Reply to all';
+$labels['buttonbarforward'] = 'Forward';
+$labels['archivemessage'] = 'Move to archives folder';
 // message compose
 $labels['compose']        = 'Compose a message';
 $labels['savemessage']    = 'Save this draft';

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