[RCD] contect menu plugin

Phil Weir roundcube at tehinterweb.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 22:01:11 CET 2009


I have been experimenting with the devel_api branch, turning my patches
into plugins mostly; I thought I would try making a context menu for the
message list.

At the moment there are 2 problems that I can see and I was wondering if
any one had any suggestions…

I have tried to make the context menu take as much of its look from the
skin as possible but I am not certain how well it will play with anything
other than the default skin.

A more serious problem is the attachment of the event listener to the rows
in the message table. I can do it no problem when the page loads but I
can’t find a way to do with when switching between folders or when a new
message arrives.

Thanks very much,


Ps. So far I have tested it in FF3, Safari, IE6+7 all on window and it
works fine, it wont work in Opera since JavaScript right click stuff is
disabled by default.

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