[RCD] __autoload-Function

Eduard Krieger eduard.krieger at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 25 11:39:36 CET 2009


i track the developing of Roundcube. In the moment i study the code of 
drupal and found a function i never knew before: spl_autoload_register. 
This Page in German  explains the usage of this function very well: 

However, some time ago i saw that Thomas has to move some includes 
forward for making some plugins to work with some plugins, but can't 
find it right now. Maybe wrong reminder. However, since Roundcube uses 
Classes, this functions seems to fit well in Roundcube. All the Requires 
and Includes could be removed and the Includes would only happen then 
when they are really needed.

Any thoughts?

BTW: Have you plans when to merge the different dev-trees to the main-trunk?

Best Regards
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