[RCD] Small patch to make fix bug resulting from Chris January's threading patches

Nathan Kinkade nath at nkinka.de
Thu Mar 26 00:52:39 CET 2009

Relative to the threading patches, a small bug was discovered as a result
of the differences in the way a given message list <tr> was constructed in
a message list.  This difference was causing the subjects of selected and
dragged messages to not display in the generated <div> that follows the
mouse pointer while the messages are being dragged.

Upon inspection, I found that the code for making this happen wasn't very
robust in terms of even very slight changes to the structure of a given
<td> within each message row.  Here is a proposed patch that I believe
rather simplifies it and should also make it tolerant of changes to the
structure of reach <tr> and <td> in a message list, for example, as
occurred with the threading patches. If follows this basic logic, which I
believe should be fairly safe (unless some browser doesn't support

1) Is obj.childNodes[i].nodeName = 'TD'
2) AND is obj.childNodes[i].className = 'subject'
3) At this point I'm satisfied we're looking at the subject <td>, so just
grab every bit of text contained within it.


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