[RCD] Problems with XLS files

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 19:59:43 CET 2009

Eden Caldas wrote:
> I don't know if its a roundcube or OS problem but here what happened to me.
> OS: ubuntu 8.04.2 fully updated - apparmor enabled
> All packages and extensions installed using apt and perl MCPAN
> roundcube Version 0.2-stable and v0.2.1
> I send an email with attached xls file. I check the message with
> roundcubemail, it is marked as a message with attachment but when I open
> the messagen no attachements. I open with any mail clients and the
> attachment is there.
> I send the same xls file using the mail client and check it with
> roundcube. Now its there.
> So the problem happens only when the message is sent using roundcube.
Version 0.2.1 uses a hard-coded list of mime-types for certain filename
suffixes because fileinfo doesn't seem to correctly detect office files.

This hard-coded assignment can be configured. See config/mimetypes.php. If
this files doesn't exist in your RoundCube config directory, you can
download it from

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