[RCD] Feature Discussion

Roland Liebl roland at roland-liebl.de
Sun May 24 08:48:52 CEST 2009

Hi Devs,

do you plan to implement the following (IMO standard) features during v0.3 development or should they better be implemented as a plugin?

#1 - Forward message as attachment
#2 - Copy message to folder (currently only "move" is available)
#3 - Attach vCard according to identity
#4 - Select Range/Invert Selection in message list (I like it and am used to that feature from Squirrel)
#5 - Expand/Collapse all folders in folder list

I'm in process to update MyRoundCube - which has all those features - to use your fantastic plugin API.

I have to take care about my ressources and won't spend time on things which might be already on your ToDo's.

Thank you.

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