[RCD] api load_config problem?

Cor Bosman cor at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 4 16:46:43 CET 2009

Hi all,  im wondering if this is supposed to work or not.

I have a plugin with a config.inc.php, with a setting like:   
$rcmail_config['variable'] = array('a', 'b');

My plugin has 3 hooks:

     $this->add_hook('login_after', array($this, 'func1'));
     $this->add_hook('user_preferences', array($this, 'func2'));
     $this->add_hook('save_preferences', array($this, 'func3'));

The plugin allows users to override $rcmail_config['variable']  using  
checkboxes. The problem is that in user_preferences hook I always get  
the value from load_config, never the user override value.
In login_after I do get the user's value. I know the values are saved  
correctly in save_preferences as I can see the right values in the DB  
for specific users.  Im simply using rcmail::get_instance()->config- 

All of this works fine if I add the default values to the main.inc.php  
instead of my own config.inc.php

Am i just overseeing something trivial?


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