[RCD] WebCalender Plugin (http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php)

Roland Liebl roland at roland-liebl.de
Thu Nov 5 20:36:35 CET 2009


Hi all,

I have coded an alpha to integrate WebCalendar into RoundCube.

Please test:

* It should install the application (database etc.) on a first 'calendar' hit
* It should restrict new users not to have access to Groupeware functionality at all - just a single user calendar
* The alpha GUI templates/css are worse - just roughly coded

Regarding to the last point ... I would really appreciate some images which fits RoundCube and not violates copyrights.
Right now I have grabbed the images from the web. Also I would need some template designers to recode the main template taskbar.
I did not take care about looking of the GUI.

The plugin is available for download @ http://myroundcube.googlecode.com (bundled with all others).

For a first review what it is, please goto http://mail4us.net/dev and register or login as demo/demo

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