[RCD] Address book expansion patch, using VCard to store extra info

Phil Weir roundcube at tehinterweb.co.uk
Sun Nov 15 14:41:03 CET 2009


Here is another update to my extended address book patch. There are a
couple of big changes this time:

Addition of 'auto_complete' function in the addressbook class, is called
from steps/mail/autocomplete.inc: rather than performing one fixed search
in all address books moving the function to the class allows each one to
search what ever fields it wants – for example multiple email fields.

The patch has been split into 2 parts, the first adds all the extra
features but leaves the UI approximately the same as it is now (2 or 3
columns). The second (should be applied after the first) alters the UI so
it looks more like the mailbox screen – 2 horizontal blocks, or 1 vertical
and 2 horizontal. Which layout do people prefer?


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