[RCD] Survey about Roundcube deployments

Robin Elfrink robin at 15augustus.nl
Sat Nov 7 11:07:58 CET 2009

> - Number of users (max)

Theoretically 45000, but 5000 if I do not count 'sleeping' mailboxes :)

> - Average of concurrent users


> - Number of hosts serving Roundcube


> - Database backend software


> - IMAP backend software

Courier & Dovecot. Courier is being replaced by Dovecot.

> - Other webmail software which is offered as alternative

In-house written pop3-webmail.

> Please also note if you would be willing to share your experience  
> about the
> integration of Roundcube in your environment with people who ask us  
> for help.

Isn't that what the roundcube-users list is for?


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