[RCD] Survey about Roundcube deployments

Philip Iezzi lists at iezzi.ch
Sat Nov 7 20:47:38 CET 2009

Hi Dennis

> As a reaction on Plilip Lezzi's comment about the import plugin for
> IMP/Horde where someone can import their Turba addressbook and IMP
> identities into RC, I'm very interested!

Ok, I made my superduperbasic RC plugins available to public:

My onlime_imp_usercopy plugin is based on Thomas Bruederli's  
squirrelmail_usercopy plugin. It only works for IMP installations with  
single identities (at Datenpark, we had a 1:1 relationship of email  
address/account, so there was no need to provide multiple identities).  
But it could be easily extended.

README: https://svn.onlime.ch/public/roundcube-plugins/onlime_imp_usercopy/README

Grab it directly from our Subversion repository (anonymous login):

# svn co https://svn.onlime.ch/public/roundcube-plugins/onlime_imp_usercopy

It has been tested on RC v0.3-stable and v0.3.1

Have a nice weekend
Best regards,
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