[RCD] Threads - first commit

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Fri Nov 20 10:26:57 CET 2009

On Fri, 20 Nov 2009 09:00:02 +0100, "A.L.E.C" <alec at alec.pl> wrote:
> Chris January wrote:
>> I tried both methods, but PHP runs out of memory in both cases.
> I've made some tests and I think we can do nothing about this. The 
> problem is not in preg_split, the problem is in PHP's arrays handling. 
> Array with 150k items requires 20-30 MB of memory. Also at x86_64 the 
> footprint is 25% bigger.
> Simple test, an array with empty items:
> $b = array_fill(0, 100000, NULL);
> in-memory size for this array = 10MB!!!
> So, if you're working with such big mailboxes, you'll need to increase 
> memory_limit.

Ok, that's what I expected as soon as I realised that the different
versions were running on different architectures. Thanks for investigating
the problem.


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