[RCD] Address book expansion patch, using VCard to store extra info by Phil W.

Johannes Hessellund johannes at shiningsun.dk
Tue Nov 24 11:15:19 CET 2009

The advanced address book is the only thing holding me back from rolling 
out roundcube on my users.

It would be really great if it could make it into next roundcube release.

Ultimo december 2009 sounds really nice, or first quarter of 2010.

Thank you all for the great work.


A.L.E.C skrev:
> Roland Liebl wrote:
>> The roadmap states that vcard rich contact informations is a 
>> milestone for v0.5. But why not to make users happy a little bit 
>> earlier?
> Currently I'm busy with threads implementation and I'll not work on 
> other big feature until I finish. It could be probably not earlier 
> than  end of this year.
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