[RCD] [PATCH] Threaded messagelist view patch rev5 (against r3022)

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Oct 7 11:55:54 CEST 2009

Chris January wrote:

> Assume imap_thread_algorithm='REFS'.
> Sometimes you want to sort by the date of the last message received in a
> thread (i.e. index_sort=true, message_sort_col='date') and sometimes you
> want to sort by the date of the first message in a thread (i.e.
> index_sort=false). At present the user must go into settings to turn
> index_sort on/off which is unintuitive. This is the reason I argued for a
> 4-state Date column.

I think 4-state switch isn't more intuitive.

>> 5. In mail steps use short $IMAP instead of 
>> rcmail::get_instance()->imap->threading. Just for better readability.
> Agreed, but rcmail.php says:
>    * @todo Remove global $IMAP
> and
>     // set global object for backward compatibility
>     $GLOBALS['IMAP'] = $this->imap;

Yes, but I think it's for roundcube classes. In steps scripts we can 
still use shortest $IMAP or at least $RCMAIL->imap.

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