[RCD] [PATCH] Threaded messagelist view patch rev5 (against r3022)

Chris January chris at atomice.net
Wed Oct 7 13:44:04 CEST 2009

On Wed, 7 Oct 2009 13:24:41 +0200, Cor Bosman <cor at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> In my view index_sort has nothing to do with threading. index_sort  
> just says 'do I use the Date: header, or do I use the message index as  
> the sort order'. This helps for instance to prevent spammers from  
> inserting a date header far in the future being always sorted on top  
> (and at the same time it can increase performance). This can influence  
> both threaded and non-threaded message views.  Is this correct or am i  
> misunderstanding what index_sort does?
> If this is correct, then we need a totally seperate setting to tell us  
> how a user wants to sort a threaded message list and you cant just use  
> index_sort for that, because they're totally different things. We need  
> a setting that says 'do you want to sort your threaded message roots  
> based on first message in the thread of the newest message in the  
> thread'.  And both of those could theoretically be influenced again by  
> the index_sort option. Say you want your threads sorted on first  
> message, then index_sort could change which message is first.  Even  
> messages within a thread-level could be influenced by index_sort if  
> you really want to go that far.  I do not agree with Chris that this  
> is something users want to change with a button. I believe the thread- 
> root-sort-order (first or latest) is a personal preference that users  
> tend to set just once.
> As another point, I do understand why Chris wants an unsorted view. In  
> dovecot this is really really fast, and I would also welcome such a  
> possibility.

You are right. There is index_sort which I do not personally need, but
some users want and now it has been added to Roundcube - great.

However I have one mailbox which is very large and Roundcube takes a long
time to sort the messages in it (threaded or not). For this mailbox I want
to just see messages in the order the server sends them back, and not have
Roundcube sort them at all because it is too slow.


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