[RCD] markasjunk and samarkasjunk plugins

Vladislav Bogdanov bubble at hoster-ok.com
Mon Oct 19 15:14:29 CEST 2009

Hi all

> I have been thinking that the samarkasjunk plugin i made and the
> markasjunk plugin available in the trunk are really very similar and it
> would probably be better to merge the 2. I dont think there is really
> anything in my version which is actually SpamAssassin specific, other spam
> filters like DSpam have command line learning tools which could be used I
> think.
> Does any one have any thoughts on merging/not merging?

Any objections against combining them with my spam icon patch and moving
to core (just because it's impossible to add a column to a messagelist
from plugin yet), while leaving hooks for plugins for actions override?
Implementation is subject for discussion.

And, why not merge managesieve-sieverules too?

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