[RCD] Delete message delay

Marcus Don mdon at names.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 11:45:42 CEST 2010


We've been testing Roundcube for several weeks now and are planning to make
it available to over 200,000 new users next week (followed by another
900,000 in 3-4 months). Overall, the feedback has been very positive, but
there is one issue that has been reported several times:

When the preview pane in enabled, there is a delay of several seconds
between selecting a message and being able to delete it. The reason, it
seems, is that the delete command is ignored while the message is loading.

I suspect this issue affects us more than most, since our email is stored on
a large NAS cluster, which we access via NFS. However, I'm sure there must
be an easy fix - ie by preventing the deletion requests from being ignored.

Please can someone advise me how I would do this?



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