[RCD] Shared Folders Patch

Manfred Stellenberg mstellenberg at ubimet.com
Fri Feb 12 13:08:19 CET 2010


since we moved from squirrelmail to roundcube we got the problem that 
roundcube does not handle shared folders. I searched the lists and the forum 
but it seems there is no solution yet.

So i take a look into the code and coded a little bit, really a bit ... here 
are my patches.

The main changes made to the program/lib/imap.inc (btw. all files should end 
with .php to avoid unauthorized access):
Instead of $ref i use the wild-card * to retrieve all folders from imap, not 
only the folders below $root_dir.

Function mod_mailbox in program/include/rcube_imap.php got some new lines to 
make a decision between INBOX. and non INBOX. folder, to handle these new 
folders ... which can have "shared." or "user." (cyrus) as root.

I've tested it with subscribe/unsubscribe, move mail into the folders, read 
messages in folders ... i think i've tested all you can do with folders. :)

Since i can only test it with Cyrus, i don't know if there will be side effects 
with other imap servers.

See the attachment for the patches for rc0.3.1

Hope this is useful for someone.

Manfred Stellenberg
Manfred Stellenberg

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