[RCD] how to/what to contribute?

Francisco rc at caraotas.net
Fri Jan 22 18:12:06 CET 2010


As a requirement for a software management & engineering class we are to 
collaborate in a project to apply some of the concepts we are learning. 
The choice was given for us to participate in an open source project.

I was looking at your list of planned features and was wondering what of 
those (if any) or any not listed feature we could take as a project to 
work on.

Ideally we would like to work on a feature that has little or no work 
done so far, that way the project can profit the maximum from our work 
and we can apply all the knowledge we are being taught.

We are a group of 6 (possibly 7) ppl and we'll be working on it for at 
least 6 weeks (4 to 10 hours per week). There after, another group of 6 
ppl would take our project for maintenance and support for the following 
6 weeks. Though I can hardly make any promise on the success of our 
enterprise, the result of our work (code, documentation, etc) would be 
given back to the project (roundcube) under gpl.

So, is there someone I should address to in order to get more 
information about the project and if it's possible for us to contribute 
something to the project?

Thanks in advance.


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