[RCD] how to/what to contribute?

Benjamin Meichsner benjamin.meichsner at loehr-computer.de
Sat Jan 23 18:55:07 CET 2010

I also vote for PGP and S/MIME support. As I know, Horde and
squirrelmail have already solutions to this topic and I guess that the
lack of this feature is an important reason not to switch to roundcube.
Or use encryption in general.

And concernig the amount of request to what features should be
implemented. Where did you get this information. Amount of track
tickets, forum posts, mailing list? I'm new to the RC project and
interested in voting on the right place ;-)


Am 23.01.2010 13:52, schrieb Cor Bosman:
> My vote is for contact groups. With a somewhat largish userbase we have 0 requests for PGP integration, and lots of requests for contact groups. 
> Cor
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