[RCD] Folder name abbreviation in folder list

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Mon Jan 11 13:18:23 CET 2010

White wrote:

> 1) I suggest to remove the abbreviation of folder names in the folder
> list. At least make it optional for people who really dislike it (like me).
> Looking at the tracker site I noticed some things I want to share also.

There's a request in bugtracker. We need a function in javascript which 
will abbreviate folder names on mailboxlist initialize and on resize. 
It's not simple.

> 2) Changeset 1792 increased the maximum length of folder names in the
> folder list from 16 to 25. But only for "Message mode" (when an e-mail was
> opened)! When you go back to the message list you will see the folder names
> get shortened! It seems like it was forgotten to change the maximum length
> in skins\default\templates\mail.html also.

Fixed in r3196.

> 3) The abbreviation routine "abbreviate_string" seems to be added as early
> as changeset 37. The used algorithm has not changed since then but it is
> totally bogus! The function does not shorten the string in the exact middle
> and the function makes the string two characters longer than the allowed
> maximum length!

Please open a ticket in bugtracker. Thanks for your suggestions.

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