[RCD] how to/what to contribute?

Julien Vehent julien at linuxwall.info
Mon Jan 25 10:05:20 CET 2010

On Sat, 23 Jan 2010 14:01:14 -0400, Cor Bosman <cor at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> And concernig the amount of request to what features should be
>> implemented. Where did you get this information. Amount of track
>> tickets, forum posts, mailing list? I'm new to the RC project and
>> interested in voting on the right place ;-)
> Thats just from our own company. We offer roundcube as a webmail client,
> and we get regular requests for contact groups allowing you to send
> to a list of people instead of having to add everyone separately.  I
> yet to see a request for PGP integration, and we dont offer it in
> squirrelmail either. I think the average joe doesnt use encryption.
> Although you could argue that if it was more accessible, they perhaps
> ;)

I concur. Key management really is a pain in the ass for everybody,
weither it's PGP or S/MIME doesn't change anything.
So people don't use it, especially because the average user doesn't need
that level of privacy. A simple user/password is satisfying enough for him.
Power users, like us, probably use it from time to time. But do you really
not trust an email that is not cryptographically signed ? I personnaly
solved the problem with DKIM.

I vote for contacts groups. 


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