[RCD] Proxy & capability problems

Hrvoje Habjanić hrvoje.habjanic at zg.t-com.hr
Sun Jun 13 09:39:34 CEST 2010


My setup around RC is somewhat complicated. IMAP and managesieve 
protocols are behind proxy. To make matters worse, it seems that it is 
not the same software which is doing proxy and back end. And this breaks 
RC in weird ways.

For example, quota does not show, in sieve rules some actions are 
missing and so on.

I was able, finally, to track this down to difference in capability 
response, which of course, are different for proxy and back end. The fix 
is simple - after login, check again for capability response!

I did two patches, and would like to know did i made them at the right 
place? I do have some experience with PHP, but i'm not so familiar with 
RC and it's internal workings.

If this changes are ok, i guess it would be nice to make new config 
option, which will enable to re-read capability response _after_ login.

Keep up the good work! :-)


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