[RCD] determining virtual user domain

Jacob Whatley jwhatley at rhyton.com
Sun Jun 13 15:54:39 CEST 2010

First post :)


I am a developer for Rhyton, a virtual webhosting provider, and we are
getting ready to roll out RC on our newest virtual server platform.


Neither of the two solutions that we saw on the wiki for identifying a
users' virtual host domains is sufficient for our purposes, as our server
owners can have dozens of domains on the same virtual server with multiple
users per virtual host domain, and adding database entries or virtualmap
constraints are too onerous (or at least darned inconvenient) for our
clients. -- you get the picture.


Now, as a solution (and this is what I would like to get your comments on)
for this problem, we added a bit of code to the "function create" in
./program/include/rcube_user.php to get the hostname from the environment
and strip out the "www.", if contained therein. It's a tiny mod, so I won't
bother posting a patch. It is at line 359:


  static function create($user, $host)


    //added by rhyton--------------------------------

    $host = getenv('HTTP_HOST');

    $host = preg_replace("/^www\./", "", $host, "1");



We have used a similar solution with OpenWebMail and Neomail in the past
with no problems.


Does anyone see any issue with using this modification and if so, what?
Also, is there perhaps a better way to implement this with more complete


Thank you!



Jake Whatley, Developer

Rhyton Corporation

jwhatley -at- rhyton.com





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