[RCD] Proxy & capability problems

Hrvoje Habjanić hrvoje.habjanic at zg.t-com.hr
Thu Jun 17 11:30:10 CEST 2010

On 13.06.2010 09:39, Hrvoje Habjanić wrote:
> Hi!
> My setup around RC is somewhat complicated. IMAP and managesieve 
> protocols are behind proxy. To make matters worse, it seems that it is 
> not the same software which is doing proxy and back end. And this 
> breaks RC in weird ways.
> For example, quota does not show, in sieve rules some actions are 
> missing and so on.
> I was able, finally, to track this down to difference in capability 
> response, which of course, are different for proxy and back end. The 
> fix is simple - after login, check again for capability response!
> I did two patches, and would like to know did i made them at the right 
> place? I do have some experience with PHP, but i'm not so familiar 
> with RC and it's internal workings.
> If this changes are ok, i guess it would be nice to make new config 
> option, which will enable to re-read capability response _after_ login.
Hi again!

Maybe i did not state clearly, but i would like to have some feedback 
about changes i made, and if they fit in the grand design, i will finish 
them (ie. make config option). I just need info -  are changes in the 
"right" places, or this can be solved in some other way?


> Keep up the good work! :-)
> H.
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