[RCD] PHP version survey

Philip Iezzi lists at iezzi.ch
Fri Jun 25 07:50:16 CEST 2010

Hi Till

We're always using the most recent stable version of PHP.

At Datenpark (www.datenpark.ch, 4000 mailaccounts, 400 unique RC-users/day, RC 0.3.1):
 PHP 5.2.13, soon switching to 5.3.x
At Onlime Webhosting (www.onlime.ch, 400 mailaccounts, 20 unique RC-users/day, RC 0.3.1 + 0.4-beta testing):
 PHP 5.3.2

Both PHP versions are self-compiled under Debian Lenny, applied Suhosin-patch, enabled Suhosin-module. RC's running fine on both.

By the way, at Datenpark (PHP 5.2.13) we are still getting feedback of customers loosing their session, getting occasionally kicked out of RC.
We were never able to reproduce it. Could "double_auth" have been the problem? We now switched from double_auth to ip_check. ip_check though is suboptimal as in Switzerland there are some mobile carriers (e.g. Swisscom) that switch IPs every couple of seconds (Swisscom support could never tell me why).


Am 24.06.2010 um 19:08 schrieb till:

> Could everyone reply with which PHP version they currently use in
> production? Off-list is ok too.
> Thanks,
> Till
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