[RCD] New compose screen?

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Fri Jun 25 08:49:51 CEST 2010

On 25.06.2010 00:40, Brandon Davidson wrote:

> I'm not sure I like it - one of my favorite things about Roundcube is that
> it looks and feels like a traditional 'thick' mail client in a lot of ways
> that make people feel very comfortable with it. The new compose view is
> pretty drastically different, and I'm afraid it would scare people away,
> back to our old webmail system that I'm trying to lure them off of. People
> fear change :(

We could place all fields one below the other, but in this case (having 
all fields with 100% width of the screen) the width will be too big. So, 
the ideas for re-design were to:
1. Unification
- style attachments list as other lists in Roundcube,
- use Roundcube's "box styles".
2. UX
- make body field higher and resizable,
- make attachments list width bigger and resizable,
- make all elements to fill the screen (e.g. no empty (unused) space 
below the attachment list)
- no page scrolling when new fields are added (CC, BCC, ...)
- unification ;)

And I think it's done right, but I see so many votes for "No". I'm 
depressed ;)

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