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Marcus Don mdon at names.co.uk
Fri Jun 25 17:58:42 CEST 2010


I've got another small modification request...

When using hooks to modify the behaviour of an existing action, there is
currently no way to generate an error message other than the default "An
error occurred while saving", which is shown if you set the abort flag. This
is a problem for us because we need to perform additional validation, such
as ensuring the user owns the domain for which he is trying to create an
email address (ie in create_identity).

My suggestion is simply to add an "abort_message" element to the $args
array, which can be checked by each of the action scripts. For example, in
save_identity.inc we just need to replace each occurrence of this...

else if ($plugin['abort'] || $DB->is_error())
    $OUTPUT->show_message('errorsaving', 'error', null, false);

...with this...

} else if ($plugin['abort'] || $DB->is_error()) {
    if (isset($plugin['abort_message']) && $plugin['abort_message'] != '') {
        $OUTPUT->command('display_message', $plugin['abort_message'],
'error', false);
    } else {
        $OUTPUT->show_message('errorsaving', 'error', null, false);

However, this still has the problem that error messages can¹t be made
persistent (which I don¹t need, but which should be included for
consistency). So, a better method would be to only display the default
message if the messages array is empty - but I haven¹t looked into this yet.

If there¹s another way to achieve this, I¹d be very grateful if someone
could let me know. I¹d also be grateful if someone could make the change to
the javascript functions requested in my previous email below.




> Hi
> I'd like to suggest a small alteration to app.js in order to allow persistent
> messages to be generated when using rcmail::output::command() within a
> page-generating callback function.
> The rcube_webmail::display_message() function already accepts a "hold"
> parameter, but this doesn't get stored in $pending_message if the page hasn't
> yet loaded, so it gets lost. My suggestion is simply to add this extra
> parameter to $pending_message and then pass it back to display_message()
> within init().
> So, on line 4323, I'd like to replace this...
> this.pending_message = new Array(msg, type);
> ...with this...
> this.pending_message = new Array(msg, type, hold);
> And, on line 385, I'd like to replace this...
> this.display_message(this.pending_message[0], this.pending_message[1]);
> ..with this...
> this.display_message(this.pending_message[0], this.pending_message[1],
> this.pending_message[2]);
> As a result of this change, I can now make messages persistent by calling
> rcmail::output::command() like this:
> $this->rcmail->output->command(
>     'display_message',
>     '[message_text]',
>     '[message_type]',
>     true
> );
> Thanks
> Marcus
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