[RCD] New compose screen?

Doug Mandell dmandell at gristle.org
Fri Jun 25 07:44:24 CEST 2010

On Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:40:08 -0700, Brandon Davidson <brandond at uoregon.edu>
> On 6/24/10 5:14 AM, "A.L.E.C" <alec at alec.pl> wrote:
>> I've prepared a screen for a new compose window and I've got various
>> opinions abut this. What's your opinion? Question is for svn-trunk
>> users, because the idea was to make compose look more unified with the
>> rest of the current UI.
> I'm not sure I like it - one of my favorite things about Roundcube is
> it looks and feels like a traditional 'thick' mail client in a lot of
> that make people feel very comfortable with it. The new compose view is
> pretty drastically different, and I'm afraid it would scare people away,
> back to our old webmail system that I'm trying to lure them off of.
> fear change :(
> Maybe if there was an option to pick the layout? That would probably be
> harder to support, but I think I'd find myself maintaining a patch to
> retain
> the old layout if I didn't have an option to switch to it.

I just wanted to say I agree with Brandon.  One of the major benefits of
Roundcube is that its interface is familiar and easy for new users to
understand.  The new layout is pretty foreign, I wouldn't mind it as an
option, but the present compose screen seems like a better default to me.  

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