[RCD] moving collapsed threads

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 17:54:42 CET 2010

Nathan Kinkade wrote:
> I feel like I remember reading or even actually writing something about
> this some time ago.  But I wanted to bring it up again because to me
> personally it seems like a bug.  I'm running the latest devel-threads
> branch, and if a thread is collapsed and I drag it to another folder
> only the top-level message is moved, the remaining messages of the
> thread don't get moved.  This seems unintuitive to me.  In my mind it
> makes more sense to move the entire part of the collapsed thread from
> the point that thread was grabbed down.

I compared the behavior of other mail clients and most of them also select
childs when dragging a message. Thunderbird only does it when the thread is
collapsed. In svn trunk (rev. 3372) this is now implemented. We can still
discuss whether this automatic selection should only take place when the
thread is collapsed.

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